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Abe Crystal
Hicksville, NY

Data Centers

The data centers are reliable, state-of-the-art data centers that live up to the name. More than providing quick servers, however, is the stability of the data centers. is so confident its servers will run fast and efficiently in its data centers that it guarantees uptime! That's a 100% guarantee that the servers are up and running or they refund your money.

How is it done? Review the details below:

  • independently owns and engineers its data centers.
  • is not a co-located reseller.
  • has complete authoritative control over the data centers.
  • Authorized personnel can enter data centers anytime they need.
Low Risk Facility Location
  • The data centers are located in a reduced-risk natural disaster area far from earthquake, tornado, and hurricane prone areas.
  • is far from any large metropolitan area or identified terrorist threat locations.
  • The data centers are unpublicized and unidentifiable as such.
High-Level Security
  • The data centers' NOC includes security monitoring 24/7/365.
  • Access to the data centers is guarded by double authenticated encrypted token access.
  • By policy, only specified senior technicians have authorization to enter the data centers.
  • Escort Only Policy permits client or visitor access to data centers only when accompanied by authorized senior technicians.
Conditioned Power
  • The data centers are powered by double inverted, carrier grade 3-phase power.
  • The data centers are designed to run independent of public power sources if necessary with multiple, fully redundant, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) subsystems.
  • The data centers' UPS power subsystem, are digitally regulated, and are N+1 redundant. "N+1" means that in the event of a primary power source failure, an instantaneous back-up power supply will initiate insuring uninterrupted power to the data centers.
  • If an extended power outage occurs, our routinely tested, power generator that has been engineered for extended run time will insure power supply to the data centers.
Precision Enviroment
  • The data centers' NOC monitors 24/7/365 and insures that the data centers' temperature is optimally maintained at cool temperatures ideal for long server life.
  • In the data centers, the cooling system, powered by carrier grade air conditioning units, insure constant air conditioning.
  • Air in the data centers is continually circulated and filtered to remove dust and contaminants.
  • While the data centers locations are in a dry climate, continual humidity monitoring is sustained.
  • In the data centers, cables, power, and fiber are all run overhead and are securely tied down and organized efficiently.
  • The data centers are scalable to support growth without service interruption.
  • Floors of the data centers are grounded by anti-static flooring materials.
Server Grade Hardware
  • operates only high-end servers from major manufacturers in the data centers and absolutely DOES NOT convert low-end work stations to operate as servers.
  • Server clusters are engineered in the data centers using premium equipment that sustains stability and redundancy.
  • Servers in the data centers are enhanced with the Linux operating system.
  • The core routing equipment used in the data centers are carrier grade Cisco "Big Iron" routers and switches.

Reasonable Price
Excellent Service

We've been using for about two years now. is very reliable, will give you access to most popular scripting languages, and will allow you to compile and run c/c++ code if you want. I highly recommended for those comfortable using a Unix (in this case Linux) host.

Jeff Schmidt
Akron, OH