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QWKPage Activation Center

Activation Center

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The QWKPagesm system is for reporting server failures and major operational problems only

If you seek technical support, click here.

If your account has been suspended for non payment, click here.

Before you activate the system, perform the following basic diagnostic steps:

  • 1.  Attempt to reach other web sites
  • If you can't reach other web sites, check your internet connection and/or contact your internet provider.
  • 2.  Insure your domain registration is current.
  • If your domain name has expired, contact the company you purchased your domain name from. If you purchased your domain name from, click here.
  • 3.  Insure your account is not suspended for non-payment.
  • If you are delinquent on your account, the emergency technician cannot re-activate the account. Contact the billing office during business hours or click here.
  • 4.  Check the "News/ Announcements" section of the Customer Portal to insure we are not already working on the problem


I agree that I have performed the basic diagnostic steps above and it reasonably appears that there is a server outage or a major operational problem on servers. I also agree to pay a $250 fee for misuse of this system.

By continuing, you signify that you agree with the above.